Tulipan Herbals began in a garden just a few years ago, but childhood memories remind me of a love of nature that was being cultivated long before this. Swinging next to fragrant Lilacs, fearlessly climbing trees, lazily weaving Dandelion and Clover bracelets, and drinking tea made from herbs collected by the wise mountain herbalist, were small, magical experiences, and gentle invitations to a profound world of understanding what an important role the plant world plays in our physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Tulipan takes special care to provide you with products made with the highest quality ingredients available following traditional recipes that have supported healing for hundreds of years, and products that are filled with love and positive intention.


You can purchase Tulipan products locally at select Whole Foods stores and Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacies in Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs. 

Check our events page to see which local fairs, farmers markets and other various attractions where Tulipan products will be available for purchase. 

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